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Giulia Iacobelli

Giulia graduated from La Sapienza University in Rome in 1985 and in 1986 began her career as a Counsel. For several years she collaborated with the Court of Rome receiving many assignments, particularly in bankruptcy proceedings. In 1997 she obtained a specialization in audit at the LUISS University in Rome. After moving to the USA, she attended various specialization courses in taxation and collaborated with major New York studios. In 2005 she obtained the qualification of CPA for the State of New York and in 2015 for the State of Florida, starting her activity also in Miami.
Expert in taxation with particular reference to the international one and to Italy/USA issues, she operates for both Italian and US companies and individuals. Her dual specialization as a Counsel and as a CPA allows her to have an all-round vision very much appreciated by customers.
She speaks Italian and English as a mother tongue and Spanish.

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