Vincenzo Di Franco

Professional Experience
Attorney at law since 1994, thereby lawyer and defender at the Italian Supreme Court.

Vincenzo Di Franco has gained significant experience in insurance law, health law, civil liability law and family law.

Appointed arbitrator on the designation of the Court. Member of the Commission for Risk Management of the Medical Association of Genoa, he is currently member of Direc Onlus.
Mediator at Pro Concilia, a private Mediation Center.

Moreover, Vincenzo is a Professional Mediator at the Mediation Center of the Genoa Bar Association and an ADR Expert.

Appointed Member of the Attorney Examination Commission for the 2007/2008 and 2016/2017 session. He is at present member of the Equal opportunity Committee of the Genoa Bar Association.


Vincenzo graduated from the University of Genoa with a thesis on atypical guarantee contracts. He subsequently received a Masters in Foreign Trade, organized by the Ligurian Trade Association.

In 2008 he received a Masters in Mediation at ADR spa.  He is a Professional Mediator.

Conferences and legal writings

He has been speaker in several conferences and in depth-courses (Master’s in General Counsel) in the field of civil law at the University of Genoa. 

He has held seminars, by invitation of Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura in the context of further training of honorary judges.  

He has given speeches and organized conferences at the Medical Order of Genoa, as part of his participation in the Clinical Risk Management Commission.

He was speaker of ACOI, the Italian Hospital Surgeons Association. 

At the invitation of the Forensic School of Genoa intitled to Mauro De André, he held in-depth seminars on the subject of ownership and possession.